Martin sends Kyle on his way when he turns up on the day of the funeral. Seeing the whole exchange, Stacey becomes even more paranoid when Martin lies to her about who turned up. Meanwhile, Kat prepares for the funeral, nervous because the family don’t want her there. When Stacey starts smashing glasses, Kat is concerned about her behaviour. Spotting Kyle in the Square as everyone prepares to leave, Stacey freaks out.

Following Stacey into the Vic, Kat stays with her instead of going to the funeral. At the wake, Jean and Ollie arrive and Dot encourages Stacey to let Jean hold her grandson. When Jean gives baby Arthur to Martin, Stacey panics. It all becomes too much when Kyle arrives, prompting Stacey to scream that Kyle is the devil.

Shirley’s upset that Phil has no one to support him. When Buster finds her in an emotional state, she helps Shirley see that Phil is not worth her tears. Meanwhile, after Patrick compliments her cooking for the wake, Babe invites him to an intimate dinner. Babe’s left disappointed when Patrick makes it clear he’s sweet on Claudette.