Stacey has a night out at R&R with Danielle and drunkenly dances with a guy to try to make Callum jealous. Danielle’s fling Paul is in the club and Stacey has a run-in with him, annoying Danielle. Stacey visits Bradley for some sympathy, but she is disappointed when she finds him entertaining Sydney, the girl who returned Gumbo. Stacey heads into the Square and bumps into Paul. Danielle feels betrayed when she sees them kissing.

Jane is put out when Ian says that Tanya is a bad influence on her. Tanya can’t believe that Ian is dictating Jane’s life when Jane refuses to go out with her as she’s been ‘banned’. Jane sneaks out to the 80s night at R&R with Tanya, but Ian sees the pair blind drunk and is furious and tells Jane she’s grounded!

Jack learns that his ex-wife Selina is getting married again and he’s depressed that daughter Penny will have a new dad. Jack decides not to go to the wedding, but Dot reminds him that little girls will always need their dads.

Also, Janine meets up with Aunt Sal to tap her for information on Peggy’s past; Patrick encourages Charlie to make a move on Brenda!