Stacey blanks Callum and Danielle

Stacey agrees to spend time with Callum, but is hurt when he gets snappy when Jean calls her. Later, Stacey needs to run an errand and she reluctantly agrees to let Danielle ‘baby-sit’ Jean. Danielle is torn when Ronnie calls about a waitressing job, but Jean encourages her to go. Stacey arrives back to find Jean home alone with a duvet starting to smoulder on a heater. Stacey tells Danielle she wants her out.

Janine buys a massive TV and a games console, while Peggy finds out that her card has been stolen and that someone has racked up over a thousand pounds. Janine slips the stolen card into Jay’s back pocket when he’s not looking. A suspicious Peggy tells Janine, Jay and Billy to empty their pockets. Billy is lived when he sees that a stunned Jay has the card.

Zainab mistakenly thinks that Lucas has called Denise after she encouraged him to get in contact with her. Zainab has put her foot in it and made Denise feel even more miserable when she realises that Lucas has well and truly dumped her.

Also, Danielle is upset when barman Paul makes it clear their night together was a one-off; Lauren tells Jack that she wants to go into care.

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