Stacey comes home!

Stacey is due to hear the decision on her appeal. Kat is delighted when Stacey is released, returning home to the Slaters’. Stacey’s hope of a loving reunion with Lily is dashed when a confused Lily runs out of the house. Finding Lily with Whitney, Stacey is able to reconcile with her daughter. When Lily asks about her dad, Stacey realises that Whitney has told Lily about Ryan. Throwing Whitney out of the house, a furious Stacey vows not to let Whitney see Lily again.

Learning that Cindy has brought her baby home from hospital, Terry forces TJ to visit his newborn daughter. At the Beales’, however, Sharon and Phil tell TJ and Terry to leave, worried about upsetting Cindy. TJ returns alone later on, but overwhelmed by being a father, he soon runs off. TJ admits to Terry there’s no point in bonding with his daughter if they’re moving to Milton Keynes… Which a stunned Bianca overhears.

Carol is back after recuperating at Sonia’s. Visiting Dot, she admits that she hasn’t gone for her final hospital appointment, as she’s scared about the outcome. Realising Carol has seen Dot, Charlie is fearful that she’s told Dot everything. Charlie is relieved when he realises his secret life is safe for now.