Stacey does some stirring and encourages Sean to flirt with Tanya. Stacey tells Max to watch Sean around his wife and Max corners Sean in the Vic toilets and threatens him. Stacey agrees to meet Max at the Slater’s, but she stands him up and when he returns to the Vic, Stacey confronts Max about his plan to move abroad. Tanya accidentally spills some champagne on Stacey’s top and Stacey attacks her. Sean follows an upset Tanya to the loo and kisses her and Tanya momentarily responds before pulling away.

Meanwhile, Stacey tells Max that she can’t cope with being the ‘other woman’ and insists that Max leave Tanya. When Tanya goes looking for Max, she sees a light on at the Slaters, and bangs at the door…

Stella decorates the Vic for Peggy’s birthday party but the evening is one disaster after another. A malicious Ian gives her a book about pensioners and Peggy’s new outfit is ruined when she gets covered in champagne during the Tanya and Stacey fight. Ian turns the knife and tells Peggy that she’s mutton dressed as a lamb. Phil threatens a frightened Ian and tells him if he ever hurts Peggy again he’ll flush his head down the loo!

May is worried when
Dawn refuses to answer her call and she asks Rob to ring her. Rob tells Dawn that he wants to see her and she promises him that he’ll see her very soon. Dawn turns up to Peggy’s party looking stunning and May sends Rob after Dawn and they end up snogging. Rob tells a relieved May that everything’s in hand with Dawn and May is pleased that there are only a few days to go before it will be too late for Dawn to have an abortion.

Also, Stella hosts Ben’s party and drives a wedge between him and Abi; Billy admits to Honey that they’re broke.

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