Stacey confronts Bradley

Bradley is stunned when Stacey turns up on his doorstep. Stacey reveals that she has bought them two tickets to a Doctor Who convention at St Paul’s in London to give them a chance to talk. But Stacey is mortified when Bradley’s flatmate walks in as she wrongly assumes that she’s Bradley’s girlfriend. Bradley is angry with Rachel for giving Stacey his address, but she points out a few home truths. Meanwhile, Stacey sits on the steps of St Paul’s. She is hopeful when Bradley turns up and hands her an envelope. But what’s inside?

Tanya arrives in court for the divorce hearing but she’s stunned when her solicitor Harriet reveals that the spare copy of the DVD has gone missing from her office. Tanya loses it with Max when he is smug and she learns that there will be a new hearing. Max grabs Tanya, but she tells him to back off.

Charlie spruces himself up and Mo suspects that he’s got a secret date and decides to follow him. Mo is sad when she sees that Charlie has gone to the cemetery to put flowers on his late wife Viv’s grave. Mo gently tells Charlie that it’s time he moved on and found himself a woman to love.

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