Stacey confronts Max and Tanya

Stacey consults her list of Max’s possible secret lovers. Jean is unnerved when Stacey wonders if Max is trying to make her jealous. Stacey finds Max in the Vic and buys him a drink and Max is uncomfortable when she tells him that they are best friends. Stacey asks Max again whom he’s seeing, but Max refuses to tell her.

Stacey decides to visit Tanya so that when she and Max are reunited there will be no hard feelings. Stacey loses it when she finds Max and accuses him of betraying her. Tanya tries to drag a raging Stacey out of the back door as Abi and Lauren return home, but she loses her grip and Stacey slips and bangs her head on the floor…

Whitney is stunned when Debra barges into the house. A hooded man bangs on the front door and Whitney and Debra cower under the stairs. The man bursts in, but doesn’t find them in their hiding place. Debra wants her envelope with the key and takes Whitney to a derelict school and opens a locker with the key and removes a bag. Back in Walford they are suddenly confronted by Debra’s pursuer – it’s the mystery man that has been hanging around Whitney.

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