Lucas asks Chelsea not to say anything about the bracelet and says that the drama should be buried with Trina. Lucas is stunned when Stacey bursts in and maniacally claims that Ryan killed Trina. Lucas conducts Trina’s funeral. Stacey turns up and jumps into the grave and tries to open Trina’s coffin, shouting that Trina is still alive.

Stacey races away from the funeral and finds Dr Jenkins waiting for her at home and he tells her that he just wanted to check up on her. Stacey lies that she’s fine and she’s taking her medication. When the doctor leaves Stacey menacingly tells Jean that if she ever invites the doctor over again she’ll leave and never return.

Syed spends the night at Christian’s. His absence is discovered by the family and he bluffs that he got up early to buy food. Syed learns that Christian isn’t attending the Business Awards with the Masoods and Christian confesses that he can’t bear to spend time with Syed when he’s with Amira. The Masoods win an award and return home to find ‘bad boy’ spray painted on the front door…

Also, Darren worries that Adam will try to steal Libby from him.

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