Stacey tries to make an effort with Bradley and invites herself along to a work lunch with his colleague Amir. But the lunch does nothing to ease Stacey’s baby fears when Amir complains about the demands of his children. Stacey suggests to Bradley that they wait to have a baby, but he won’t be dissuaded. Later, Stacey secretly takes her contraceptive pill.

Whitney is horrified when Bianca tells her that she wants to marry Tony. She warns Tony and suggests they run away immediately. Tony diverts Bianca’s marriage demands by giving her Whitney’s secret running-away fund and suggesting they get a flat. Whitney is gutted, but a sly Tony convinces her that he did it to buy them some time.

Jack suggests to a doubtful Tanya that they move abroad to escape Max. Meanwhile, Max is home alone and smiles as he makes a gun with his hand and ‘shoots’ at a picture of Jack. Suzy is horrified when she discovers the hidden gun. She tells a stunned Max that she dumped it in the river, but it is secretly stashed in her handbag.

Also, Patrick sells off food that has been in a defrosted chiller all night; Pat moves in with Peggy while Morgan has chicken pox.