Stacey dumps Max

Stacey has come to a decision and tells Max that it’s over between them as she can’t be his bit on the side forever. To prove her new single status, Stacey offers to let Chelsea hold her ‘naughty knickers’ party at her place and she’s soon downing the drinks.

The party descends into chaos when Li picks a fight with Chelsea and when Max arrives to walk Tanya home, Tanya leaves Max looking after a drunk Stacey as she calms the girls. Max tenderly tells Stacey that he has no regrets about their relationship and a gullible Stacey melts into his arms.

Bert isn’t taking the impending visit from Social Services very seriously but when Pat offers to help tidy the flat he tells her to go ahead. Bert has a big win at the bookies and heads off to the Vic. When Bert finally stumbles out of the pub he sobers up abruptly when he finds Ian having a go at Jay for stealing food from a customer at the chippie. Jay points out that he hasn’t eaten all day as Bert didn’t give him any dinner money.

Libby and Darren realise that they haven’t got enough money to pay for more bandwidth for their fake Russian brides website and it may mean they have to shut down. But salvation arrives at the last minute when they get 15 more subscriptions and realise that they’re rich!

Also, May worries when she learns that Dawn hasn’t returned from Rosie’s; and Ben feels uncomfortable when Stella does his maths homework for him.

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