Bradley turns up at his office party desperate to make a good impression, but his plans are ruined when Stacey turns up in a revealing dress.

Stacey has discovered that Bradley lied about not being allowed a guest and she accuses him of being embarrassed by her. She then gets drunk, flirts with Bradley’s colleague Rob, and chucks a glass of wine over Bradley’s other workmate Lydia when Lydia asks her to behave! Bradley drags Stacey out of the hotel and says he wants nothing more to do with her…

Joe tries to call Pauline following her spat with Marti, but Pauline refuses to answer her phone. He heads over to her house and eventually kicks the door in when she tells him to leave her alone. Joe confronts Pauline about her behaviour, but it only enrages her further. She throws her wedding ring at his feet and smashes him over the head with a plate.

Billy and Honey try to get on with their lives in the wake of Petal’s departure. Honey asks Peggy for her job back behind the bar and claims that she’s happier now Petal is gone. Meanwhile, a distraught Billy tries to take down Petal’s cot but he struggles with the enormity of the situation and smashes the cot into bits.

Also, Sean flirts with Tanya in a bid to wind up Max.