Stacey agrees to see a doctor and she confesses to the doctor that she’s been spending money wildly and has had sex with strangers. The doctor advises Stacey to have tests for an STI and prescribes her some medication. Jean takes Stacey home and bathes her and she assures her that with now she’s on the right medication she’ll be fine and she gives her daughter her first dose of medication as the roles are reversed and Jean becomes Stacey’s carer.

Whitney tells Debra that she’s disposed of the knife and a furious Debra tells her she’s leaving. Whitney begs Debra to stay and pops out to get some food for her mum and brother. When Whitney returns, Debra has gone and Ryan sneaks out on her. But Ryan changes his mind about leaving after a flirty encounter with Ronnie in the Square.

Max and Tanya trick Abi and Lauren into confessing they were playing up to get more out of Max when they realise what they were up to. Abi asks Tanya if Max can move back in, but Lauren silences her. Later, Lauren tells Tanya she’s fine about Max moving back in. Tanya visits a delighted Max at Dot’s and gives him a set of keys.

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