Carmel is shaken by the family’s recent health problems. After sharing her fears with Kush, Carmel is taken aback when he asks her not to stir the pot and upset Stacey any further. Worried that Stacey’s not coping, however, Carmel offers to help with the kids. When Stacey realises that Carmel doesn’t trust her with Arthur, she freaks out! Carmel reaches out to Stacey when she cries on her shoulder but Carmel later makes a worrying discovery…

Bex is jealous when she finds out that Sonia is meeting up with Gethin at the café. After Gethin fobs off Bex, she heads to the café with Shakil, snogging him in front of Gethin in a bid to make him jealous! After telling Bex to stop making a fool of herself, Gethin then breaks Bex’s heart by kissing Sonia in front of her.

Mick and Linda are back in the Vic after their break and the couple seem stronger than ever. When Woody realises that Linda still hasn’t told Mick about her cancer, however, he is concerned. Although Whitney and Woody are preparing to leave the Square, Linda makes a surprise announcement that Woody has agreed to be the Vic’s permanent bar manager. That’s news to Woody!

Also, Keanu decides to become a life model to make some cash!