A grieving Stacey Fowler is comforted by Mo after hearing about Kat’s death

Stacey Fowler is devastated after learning about Kat’s death from Big Mo Slater, while Mo does her best to bring her some comfort

Stacey is in pieces after Mo’s shock news that Kat has died. Mo tells Stacey that Kat’s body is being sent over for the funeral. Determined to give Kat the send off she deserves, Stacey vows to raise some money. The family don’t have any contact details for Alfie, so Stacey and Mo take it upon themselves to arrange the funeral with Jay. Mo is particularly determined to give Kat a good send off and she and Stacey ask the locals for contributions. They are unimpressed when Ian refuses to shell out any money, instead saying he’ll help with the catering! Meanwhile, the Carters agree to let the Slater family use the Vic for free for the wake.

When Martin finds out that Stacey and Mo are trying to raise money for the funeral, he comes up with a plan to help out and he discusses it with Mo. When Stacey finds Martin in the house, however, she throws him out without giving him a chance to explain! After Stacey finds out that Martin was only trying to help, she feels guilty and apologises. Martin tells Stacey that she needs someone for support…

Arshad is in a tizzy when Mariam suggests that they have a few days away at their ‘favourite place’ as he hasn’t a clue where she’s referring to! Masood tries to help job Arshad’s memory but he’s off the hook when Mariam turns up with a social worker… Their holiday is off – they’ve been asked to look after a new baby, Harley.