Stacey has invited Belinda, Jean and Ollie for lunch – worrying Kyle and Martin, who think she’s taken on too much. When Jean freaks out, accusing Kyle of lying about who he is, the atmosphere is fraught. Feeling pushed into a corner, Kyle tells Jean about his past. When Jean refuses to believe him, Stacey defends her brother. Later, Belinda has shock news for Stacey, revealing the rent is up on Stacey’s flat and Kat won’t be able to cover it.

Johnny is struggling to process what Linda has told him. After a conversation with Nancy and Shirley, Johnny realises how much his family has kept from him. Breaking down alone, Johnny paints on a smile for a family photo arranged by Mick. Later, Johnny snaps, blaming Mick for all the family’s troubles.

Abi prepares to leave the Square to stay with her mum. Concerned he’s given Abi the wrong advice, Jack encourages her to stay and make a go of things. Meanwhile, Jay meets up with Linzi and reveals Louise tried to kiss him, but he pushed her off. Ben meets with Paul and tells him he’s not going to lie about who he is any more. Paul agrees to take things slowly with Ben.