Stacey goes off the rails

Stacey hides in the night cafe after doing a runner from a taxi and Shirley recognises a kindred spirit and they share a coffee. Stacey staggers home and tells a worried Jean that she’s not going to open her stall. Later, Stacey joins Shirley in the Vic and they knock back vodka, then burn Staceys’ dodgy stock and Shirley’s photo of Deano and Carly. Stacey gets even more hammered at R&R’s and Steven tries to take her home, but she collapses. Is Stacey OK?

Clare steals some money from Dot’s bag then announces she’s going out to the club. Dot arranges for Jack to give her the VIP treatment. Dot convinces Gus to take Clare out to the club, but it’s clear that Clare would rather be flirting with Jack!

Ian is grumpy when Christian and Lucy wind him up about his ‘date’ with potential client Edward. Ian nervously meets up with Edward and attempts to convince Edward that he’s not gay. But the two men have crossed wires and Edward invites Ian to Buckingham Palace to see him receive his MBE. An impressed Ian can’t resist and accepts!

Also, Sean is left disappointed when he goes looking for Deano.

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