Stacey pretends to take her medication but spits it out when Jean leaves the room. Bradley tells Max he’d like to see Stacey before he goes and Max goes to the Slaters’ to talk her into going to the party. Stacey cautiously ventures over to the Vic but freaks out when she sees Ryan. Archie confronts Stacey in the toilets about talking to Peggy and she smashes a glass and threatens him.

Stacey runs into the bar brandishing the glass accusing Archie of attacking her and Ryan and Syd of trying to poison her, then she flees the Vic. Jean catches up with Stacey, who blurts out that she’s stopped taking her medication. Jean hurries to see Dr Al and asks him to have Stacey sectioned.

Max can’t bear facing Bradley at his leaving party but Tanya forces him to come to the Vic. Bradley’s mum Rachel is at the party and is critical when Max turns up late. Max apologises to Bradley for being a bad dad. Rachel calls Tanya a mug for staying with Max after his affair but Tanya coldly tells her to move on like everyone else.

Also, Ronnie is horrified when Joel confesses that he’s had a vasectomy; a despondent Sam is rejected by a glamour agency.

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