Bradley wants to talk to Stacey about the final divorce papers but Stacey refuses to listen. Stacey offers to take Sugar when Bradley and Syd go away. Bradley isn’t sure about leaving the dog with Stacey and convinces Max to take Sugar. Stacey is upset but she pretends not to care. Bradley is getting worried that Jean still hasn’t talked to Stacey about the divorce.

Stacey rifles through Ryan’s jacket pocket at the launderette. Archie finds her and grabs her violently. A petrified Stacey escapes but later lies on her bed shaking and crying, saying ‘he’s going to kill me’…

Masood goes to the hospital with Zainab for her baby scan and is confused by Zainab’s frosty behaviour. Masood demands an explanation when Zainab is later rude to Jane. Zainab blurts out that Syed told her about Masood and Jane’s cinema date but he says that it was no secret. Jane calms down Zainab and insists that she and Masood are just friends. Zainab apologises to Masood but he worries there’s no trust in their marriage.

Also, Sam gets Ricky his old job back at the Arches but he tells her he can’t fund her shopping sprees and she needs to get a job.

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