Stacey agrees to talk, giving Kyle the chance to explain. After opening up about his past, Kyle connects with Stacey and they have a proper heart-to-heart. As brother and sister start to bond, Stacey learns that Kyle has nowhere to live and offers him the spare room. Meanwhile, Kush goes on a bender when Martin tells him to back off, leading Stacey and Martin to find him with a woman. Telling Kush to pull himself together if he wants to be part of Arthur’s life, Stacey returns to the MBU with Martin – and proposes!

Shirley kicks Phil out of the house, not wanting to ruin the good thing she has going with Buster. Later, Shirley finds out from Mick that they won’t know if Ollie has sustained permanent damage unless they notice an obvious change in his behaviour. Although Shirley reminds Mick that Nancy isn’t to blame, he can’t let it go. When Shirley finds Nancy about to head out to Italy to visit Johnny, she begs her not to go, insisting that Mick has a lot on his mind.

Ben’s birthday party ends in disaster when Phil turns up drunk, prompting Ben to tell him to leave. Pushed to the limit, Ben confides in Paul, admitting he’s struggling with the pressure he’s under. Although Paul listens to Ben, when Ben tries to kiss him, Paul pulls away.