Stacey has a shock on Halloween!

In this hour-long Halloween special, Stacey makes preparations for her Halloween party with some help from Whitney. When she discovers Martin’s hidden an engagement ring in his toolbox, she is taken aback. Disappointed when Stacey tells him she doesn’t want to get married, Martin isn’t going to be put off so easily, getting down on one knee during the party to ask Stacey to be his ‘non-wife’! Things take a terrifying turn when a wall socket left with a live wire by a distracted Lee electrocutes Stacey. Rushed to hospital, both Stacey and the baby are fine despite the scare, but Lee is devastated by the thought he could have killed them.

The Mitchells and Beales are on edge with Gavin still on the loose. After breaking into the Mitchells’, Gavin holds Kathy hostage. With Phil locked in a room, Ben is powerless to help his mum. Interrupted by Sharon, Gavin has an even more shocking revelation to share with her when he tells her that he’s her real father!

Mick’s disappointed when Linda refuses to dress up as Lily Munster as usual for Halloween night at The Vic. Mick holds a competition between Aunt Babe and Elaine to be Linda’s replacement, with Elaine winning. Encouraging Linda to open up about her strange mood, Mick is devastated when she points out she was broken by the attack and will never be the same. Mick finds Ronnie, telling her he wants Dean gone.

Also, a mysterious teen turns up at Stacey’s party, who seemingly has the same family key as her…