Stacey has a showdown with Becca

Becca accuses Jean of trying to replace her as Stacey’s friend when Jean suggests Stacey joins a mother and baby group. Becca says she and Stacey are getting a flat together. Jean tells Stacey that Becca confessed to calling the police on Bradley. Becca tries to deny it, but the truth comes out as the girls argue. Becca throws Bradley’s urn at Stacey and Stacey is covered with ashes. Jean orders Becca to pack her bags and get out.

Peggy is upset that Sam wants her baby adopted and when she sees the social worker she is terrified that she’s too late to stop the adoption. Peggy begs Sam to keep the baby and suggests it would help her win back Ricky. Peggy brings the baby back to the Vic and introduces her grandson.

Billy confesses to Peggy that he and Jay found Phil. Peggy makes Billy take her to the crack den and she is appalled to see the state her son is in. Peggy tries to persuade Phil to move back home, but he throws her out. A devastated Peggy screams at Phil she hopes the drugs kill him…

Also, Janine is forced to pay off Ryan’s dodgy mum to stop her ruining the wedding.

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