Stacey is trapped inside the toilet cubicle with Max and, in a panic, tells Tanya that she’s feeling a bit funny and will talk to her later. Sean saves the lovers from discovery when he comes in and flirts with Tanya, who follows him out.

Max is unimpressed to see Sean flirting with his wife and he lays into him. Max takes a drunk Tanya back home and returns to find a weary Stacey. She tells him she’s had enough of being his bit on the side – and she never expected to fall in love with him… Max is stunned.

Chelsea is determined to show Li up and she gives Preeti a makeover so that she can wow Mickey. Preeti is nervous, despite Chelsea’s reassurances, but she reluctantly heads to the pub. Preeti finds Mickey backed into a corner by Li, who is flirting heavily.

Taking a deep breath, she walks over to speak to Mickey, but ends up looking a fool when she falls over and one of her ‘chicken fillet’ breast enhancers comes loose and is left hanging out of her dress! Preeti is mortified as everyone laughs.

Stella and Phil head out to Argee Bhagee and a reluctant Ben tags along. Stella broaches the glue prank with a sullen Ben and tells him how much it upset her. Phil forces Ben to apologise and the pair make an uneasy truce. Phil tells Stella he was worried that she wouldn’t want to spend any more time with him because of Ben. Stella suggests that she spend a day with Ben to see if they can start to get along.

Also, Shirley gets in trouble wih the police when she stages a lock-in at the Vic; Jay is left hanging around the Square when Bert goes out drinking.

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