Stacey is pushed to the edge!

In the second of tonight’s episodes, Stacey calls Kyle from the allotments, asking him to find her. When he turns up, he soon realises that something is seriously wrong. Suggesting they find somewhere warm, Kyle takes Stacey to a cafe. When she insists they go away together right now, Kyle takes Stacey’s phone, calling Martin for help.

Stacey snatches the phone and is shocked when Martin drops a bombshell about Kyle. Even more paranoid than ever, Stacey accuses Kyle of being the devil and runs out of the cafe. By the time Martin and Kush arrive, Stacey and Arthur are gone. Returning to the Square, Stacey sneaks into the Vic and heads up to the roof with Arthur, thinking that if they are closer to God then Arthur will be saved. Meanwhile, Kush talks to Carmel about Arthur being his son and Shabnam overhears!

Alfie comes out of his scan after getting the results, telling Phil that his brain tumour is benign. When Alfie discovers that Charlie has died he decides to confess the truth to Phil, revealing the tumour has in fact grown and he needs an operation. Alfie’s brave words prompt Phil to open up about his own diagnosis of liver cirrhosis.