Stacey arranges to meet up with Max, but she has an errand first as she’s promised to give Abi and Lauren a makeover. Max spots her heading to the house and tries to stop her, worried she’ll find out about Tanya’s pregnancy but Stacey insists she made the girls a promise. Stacey is stunned when Abi shows her Tanya’s baby scan and she confronts Max. Stacey tells him that unless he tells Tanya about their love affair, she’ll spill the beans herself.

Naomi is horrified that the prescription drugs have been planted in her bag, but a ruthless May tells her that unless she leaves Walford, she’ll report Naomi for illegally obtaining drugs. Naomi doesn’t want to jeopardise her new job at the children’s hospital and realises that she’ll have to agree to May’s blackmail.

Bradley makes a decision about his future when he realises that he can’t deny his feelings for Stacey any longer. Bradley heads over to Booty and dumps a devastated Preeti. Bradley tells a concerned Max that he’s split from Preeti and now that Stacey is ‘free’ of her man, he’s going to ask her out. A tipsy Bradley exits the Vic and stares longingly at the Slaters’…

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