Stacey makes a life-changing decision

Stacey is in a daze following Janine outing her as Archie’s murderer. Jean pushes Stacey for answers and she confesses that the accusation is true. Meanwhile, Janine is hopeful when Ryan turns up at the flat and tells him that if Stacey goes down they can keep Lily. Janine is gutted when Ryan says he doesn’t love her and takes his passport and leaves.

Janine visits Stacey and grabs a knife and turns it on herself. When Jean arrives Janine claims that Stacey tried to kill her. Stacey panics and climbs onto the roof of the Vic, as Bradley did the night he died. Max sees Stacey and rescues her. Max tells Stacey they can run away together. Ryan turns up to collect Stacey. She hesitates and when Max turns up Ryan realises that Stacey doesn’t want him. Max drives Stacey to City Airport. Max tells Stacey he loves her. Stacey tells Max that he’s her dearest friend, but she will only ever love Bradley and she takes Lily and leaves alone.

Bianca is released from jail in time for Christmas dinner. Bianca is angry with Whitney over the stolen jewellery and she grabs it and throws the lot down the drain. Bianca panics when Whitney tells her the jewellery belongs to Phil.

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