Stacey is devastated after learning that Max may be gone for good and in a fury she cuts up all the fancy lingerie he bought her. A defiant Stacey flirts with Deano in the pub and asks him back home for some more vodka. Deano can’t believe his luck when Stacey gets him back to hers and leads him into the bedroom.

Keith has reconsidered his decision to move to South London and tells Darren that he wants him to move in with mum Rosie. A dismal Darren thinks that his life in Walford is over. But a happy Libby reveals that Keith has got him a job at the car lot after the summer and he can move back to Walford full time.

Dot breaks down and confesses the truth about baby George’s origins to the vicar when he asks for the birth certificate again. Dot realise it’s time to give up the baby and calls social services but she pleads with Jim to let her have a moment alone with the baby to say her final farewells.

Also, Shirley stands up Deano at lunch for a quickie with builder Erek; Sean plays games with Carly and locks her in the car lot office!

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