Stacey, Kat, Kim, Pat and Janine end up in a police cell after the brawl in the club. Stacey panics when Pat reveals she left Lily with Ryan and Janine is terrified that Ryan will bond with his daughter. Stacey and Janine argue about Ryan. Stacey brings up Janine’s engagement to Archie and reveals that he raped her. Stacey is horrified by her slip, worried they will work out that she murdered Archie.

Meanwhile, Ryan doesn’t know what to do with a screaming Lily and calls Whitney for help. Whitney soothes Lily, but forces Ryan to face up to his duties as a father. By the time Janine and Stacey return from the police station, Ryan is asleep on the sofa with a peaceful Lily. Janine and Stacey are stunned when Ryan wakes and tells them he wants to be a proper dad.

Billy and Alfie have also been locked up in a cell after the brawl. Billy talks about his time in care and says he has a ‘friend’ who has found out he has a son. Billy has a panic attack and Archie calms him down. Archie talks to Billy about his own problems. After they’re released Billy makes a decision and calls Julie…

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