Stacey Fowler walks in on another woman kissing Martin!

Stacey is stunned when she spots Martin in the café getting a kiss on the cheek from a mystery woman but who could the woman be?

In tonight’s hour-long special Maritn has agreed to Stacey’s plan for sharing the care of the kids. Sonia is sceptical that Martin is getting a fair deal, but he doesn’t want to listen to her doubts. After going round to the house to collect the children, he’s taken aback when Kush turns up to get Arthur. The two agree to head to the café together. In the café, they bump into a woman, Hayley, who flirted with Martin on the market the day before. Sensing that Hayley is into Martin, Kush leaves the pair to chat. When Stacey sees Hayley kissing Martin on the cheek she is annoyed that he’s moved on.

Vincent is all ready to leave the Square when he gets a call from the estate agent, who tells him that there is a buyer who can pay up by tomorrow. Overwhelmed with hope and relief, Vincent prepares everything for the buyer. Can he finally save his livelihood or will his plans be thwarted yet again?

Shirley tries to calm down a panicky Georgi, who wants to leave after discovering that Tina phoned her mum. Tina is left upset when Shirley has a go at her for getting things wrong yet again. Meanwhile, Shirley realises that something dodgy is going on in the Vic’s gents loos and finds out that it’s being used to deal drugs!

Also, Karen and Keanu are alarmed to discover that Bernadette has been spending time with Ted and mistakenly come to an alarming conclusion!