Syd blames Stacey for putting Bradley off Canada but Stacey insists she did nothing to dissuade him. Stacey encourages Bradley to start a new life with Syd and helps Bradley set up a Canadian-themed night for Syd, who is delighted. Jean finds Stacey looking at her wedding photos. Stacey feigns taking her medication but, unseen by Jean, she spits it out and hides it.

Ricky tells Bianca that she’s ruined any chance they may have had of a relationship by betraying him and grassing up Sam. Meanwhile, Phil comes up with half of Sam’s bail money. Peggy asks Ricky if he can help out but he insists he has washed his hands of both Sam and Bianca and he’s moving out of Pat’s. Peggy sees Archie outside the Vic and gets into his car…

Tanya invites the Beales over to resolve the tension between the families. Max and Ian argue about parenting techniques and Abi suggests they do a TV-style ‘wife swap’. Meanwhile, Lauren meets with Peter and he insists he’d never pressure her to have sex. Lauren says she wants him back and hints that she’s ready to sleep with him.

Also, Denise is released by the police; Syed chickens out of telling Amira the truth yet again and Christian turns to James.

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