Stacey slips away

Stacey is in hospital following her collapse. Sean is furious that his little sister has been driven to such a low and he sets off to track down Max and take revenge. Stacey comes round and a worried Jean is at her side. But Stacey makes a swift recovery and she is discharged. She then suddenly slips away, undetected by her family.

Sean bashes on Max’s door, determined to make him pay for ruining Stacey’s life, but Max cowers in the hallway. A frustrated Sean heads over to Tanya’s house. Tanya is edgy when she sees Sean’s in an erratic mood and Sean makes a startling confession. He tells Tanya that he once killed a man – and it wasn’t when he was in the army! Tanya is frightened and picks up a bottle to protect herself in case Sean flips. Sean tells Tanya that the man he killed was his father…

Max is sad when the date for his divorce hearing comes through. Abi slips out to visit her dad and Max tells her that it is inevitable that Tanya will win the divorce as she has evidence of his affair on the wedding DVD. Abi is desperate to keep her parents together and she begins to hatch a plan.

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