Stacey sticks up for her bruv

Stacey visits Sean in prison and she’s shocked to see that he’s been beaten up. Stacey returns to the Square and tries to talk Deano into retracting his statement and dump Chelsea. But Chelsea overhears Stacey and attacks her and the pair are soon involved in a massive scrap.

Roxy and Ronnie plan their return to Ibiza, but Roxy is being shifty and she keeps getting mysterious calls on her mobile that she firmly ignores. Ronnie quizzes her as to what’s going and Roxy admits that she’s planning on dumping her fiance Damian but she wants Ronnie to do it for her! But Roxy finds that it’s not so easy to avoid Damian, when he turns up at the Vic.

Patrick is nervous about going back to work in the Minute Mart and he takes a rod knife sharpener with him for protection. Jay saunters into the shop and starts to pester him and a freaked-out Patrick reaches for the rod. Jase interrupts and, seeing Patrick’s shaking hands, tells him that he needs to stand up for himself. Patrick feels humiliated.

Also, Mo gets dressed up as a fortune teller for the fun day.

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