Stacey struggles after Jean’s bombshell!

Stacey is struggling to come to terms with Jean’s revelations. When further truths come to light Stacey realises her life will never be the same again. Kush is also struggling with their baby secret, finding it too difficult to keep lying to Shabnam and Martin. Kush tells Stacey he wants them to be honest with Shabnam and Martin about the baby.

Mick is frustrated with Linda’s wall of silence, telling everyone that he’s going out. Tina throws a further spanner in the works when she announces she wants Sylvie to come to their wedding. Linda follows Mick when he leaves and they finally sit down to talk.

Linda admits to Mick she loves him deeply, but she doesn’t love herself. Confessing that when her dad died she used to eat then make herself sick, Linda admits that it’s been happening again recently. After some supportive words from Mick, Linda agrees to go ahead with the wedding.