Stacey struggles with Jean

Stacey struggles to look after Jean, but she refuses to have any help. Jean wanders out of the house in a confused state and has to be plucked from the middle of the road by Mo and Charlie. Mo shouts at a terrified Jean, who locks herself in the house. Stacey talks Jean into opening the door and Jean breaks down and tells her that she wants to be admitted to a mental health unit.

Danielle tells Ronnie that her dad wouldn’t understand about her pregnancy. Danielle pops out to the video shop, excited at having made a connection with her real mother, but when she returns her dad, Andy, is there. Danielle refuses to go back home with him. Ronnie tells Danielle that having a baby young was the biggest mistake of her life. Later, a devastated Danielle arranges an abortion.

Denise confronts Lucas about Jordan’s claim and he guiltily admits that he’s still married, but he insists that he’s started divorce proceedings. Zainab realises that Denise is having a hard time dealing with Lucas’s vow of celibacy before marriage and suggests that the best way to deal with her frustration is exercise!

Also, Jay buys Marissa a coat and some food, but she suspects he wants a night with her in return.

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