Stacey takes a big step

Stacey deals with her fears to go to the church Nativity play in EastEnders.

Stacey is feeling nervous about being inside a church on the day of the Nativity play, as she’s reminded of when she had a breakdown. After enlisting Lauren’s help, a concerned Jane convinces Ian to let Martin go to the play with Stacey. Relieved to have Martin’s support, Stacey gets over her nerves to go inside the church.

Roxy is still feeling distant from Amy. Given some food for thought by Reverend Stevens, Roxy drops a bombshell on Ronnie… After her announcement, Roxy is left feeling even lonelier than ever and makes a drastic decision.

Lee reluctantly joins Jack and his stags as they go on a pub crawl. Not in the mood for the stag, Lee escapes with Johnny. When the lads get back to The Vic, Martin learns that the council have their own Christmas Tree, despite refusing to pay for a tree for the Square.

Also, Dot misses the Nativity play. Carmel encourages Shakil to take Jay’s role in the play when Jay has to back out.