A serial attacker is on the loose and, when a pupil is assaulted, the police visit the school to advise on safety. Kim organises self-defence classes and asks for Andrew and Tom’s help with the first one.

Young pupil Stacey has developed a huge crush on Tom. But despite her best efforts to pout and preen in his presence, Tom fails to notice.

At the self-defence class, Stacey is quick to volunteer as a victim – anything to be close to Tom. And Lorna witnesses the chemistry between Andrew and Kim – and decides that she and Andrew are never meant to be.

Elsewhere, Steph is pleased when it looks like her protege Maxine wants to come back to school. But Grantly warns her not to be fooled by the new, improved Maxine.

Later, Lorna gets her test results back and it’s not good news: she has multiple sclerosis.

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