A hurt Stacey heads back to the Square, filled with fury that Bradley has dumped her. The first thing she spies is Bradley’s shiny new car and she sets upon it and smashes the windscreen. Max intervenes when Bradley turns up and is furious to see the ruined car. Max tries to comfort an upset Stacey, who responds by taking his hand and inviting him to kiss her. Max doesn’t resist…

Joe staggers out of Pauline’s house with blood on his head after Pauline’s assault and he tells Martin and Sonia that Pauline attacked him. Pauline has pushed Joe too far and he resolves to spend Christmas with his daughter, Megan. Martin confronts Pauline with the news, but she is unmoved. Pauline tells Martin she’s signed away his stall and – not only that – she’s leaving Walford on Christmas Day to start a new life in the States with Michelle.

Billy is shocked when he finds out that Honey’s taken her old job back in the Vic, but he has also had some worrying news. Petal’s heart condition has taken a turn for the worse and the doctors have decided to operate on her in the next few days. Billy asks Honey to come to the hospital with him as Petal may not make it through the operation. He’s despondent when Honey insists she doesn’t want to go – she’s moved on – and he heads off to the hospital alone.