Bradley organises a Bond-themed party as a belated celebration for his 21st birthday. Stacey is worried about the expense but Bradley lies that Jack‘s given him a discount at the club. The Walford residents get glammed up for the party and Callum challenges Bradley on the roulette table – with the prize being a dance with a girl of their choice. Callum wins and chooses Stacey.

Stacey is uncomfortable when she has to dance with Callum. But the evening takes a downward turn when Stacey realises that Bradley lied to her and used Max’s money to pay for the evening. A betrayed Stacey does a runner from the club and Callum runs after her. Callum moves in for a kiss and Stacey responds…

Max chases up one of the contacts on Jack’s list. Later, he hangs around Ronnie when she’s in the club office and memorises the safe combination. Max sneaks into the office and opens the safe, but finds nothing useful. He finds a box in a desk drawer and the key works, but he’s left trapped in the office when Jack unwittingly locks him in.

Also, Billy is depressed about Honey’s disappearance; Dawn gets drunk and miserable at Bradley’s party.

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