Stacey assures a hurt Danielle that she only shared a drunken kiss with Paul, but Danielle accuses Stacey of using her to get to the men she wants, including Callum. In the Vic, Paul approaches Stacey and is nasty when she refuses to hook up with him again. Full of self-loathing, Stacey heads over to Callum’s flat and seduces him, then coolly leaves after the deed is done. But when she returns home she’s stunned to find Jean…

Janine phones Peggy and pretends to be a charity offering to donate to Peggy’s campaign. A chuffed Peggy arranges to pose for press photos with the charity cheque. Peggy is humiliated when she holds up the ‘cheque’ and it turns out to be an old photo of her in a saucy outfit! Later, Archie aggressively confronts Janine, but says that he’s impressed by her deviousness. Janine is intrigued.

Charlie cooks Brenda a romantic meal and prepares to put some moves on her, but the couple are interrupted by Stacey and Mo. When Charlie blurts out that he’s in love with her. Brenda tells Charlie that she has feelings for him too, but she looks strangely troubled…

Also, Ian clashes with the Masoods over the catering business; Jack buys Roxy a new buggy for Amy.

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