Stacey uses Steven to upset Bradley

Stacey can’t work out why Steven is cold towards her until Steven reveals that she stood him up after sending him a text. Stacey insists that she didn’t send the text and they make up. Bradley accuses Stacey of using Steven and she lies that they’ve slept together. Stacey passionately snogs Steven in front of Bradley to prove a point.

Bianca organises a party at the Brannings to win over the kids. Whitney refuses to forgive her and is disappointed when the other children cave in. Bianca rows with Whitney and Whitney storms out, but as the party gets going, she slopes back in and they make up.

Gus makes a stand against Sean and decides to throw him out of the flat. He changes the locks and leaves Sean’s stuff outside in bin bags. Sean breaks back in to the house and tells a terrified Gus that he’s going nowhere – but he wants Gus to leave…

Also, Jack gets a surprise visit from Penny and Ronnie feels awkward around her; Ronnie and Roxy are nominated for barmaid of the year; Minty has a minor accident with a running machine; Shirley steels herself to make another appointment at the hospital.

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