Kat’s delight at seeing Stacey is soon shattered when Stacey has a go at her for shaking up her new life. Struggling with being back in her old home, once she’s said her piece, Stacey flees the house. Outside, Stacey is terrified that she’ll be spotted, seeking refuge in the Vic when Mick – not knowing who she is – invites her in. When Stacey eventually returns home, she realises that she’s been living a lie with Luke.

Jane discovers that Ian is putting pressure on Bobby to do well in his schoolwork and criticises Ian’s teaching methods. Ian’s plan to get Jane to stay in the Square is falling apart as they argue over Bobby. A suggestion that Jane buy into Scarlett’s goes down like a lead balloon, ending with a furious Jane insisting that she wants to take Bobby home with her.

Masood gets the truth out of a sobbing Shabnam, who admits that she hasn’t got over her parents’ split. Masood gently explains that they will never be reconciled. After comforting Shabnam, Masood gives his daughter a pep-talk when she gets a job interview. They look to the future as they agree they’re starting a new chapter in their lives.