Max is unhappy about Stacey’s determination to go to the Branning drinks party and tries to put her off, but she is determined. She turns up in a sexy dress and tries to flirt with a hesitant Max.

Stacey is secretly gutted when Bradley turns up with Lydia on his arm and she leaves the party. Max goes after her and they’re soon kissing passionately. It looks like the affair is on…

Dawn throws up in the toilet and Mickey is worried about her. Dawn admits that she’s pregnant with Rob’s baby, but she’s having a termination the following day. May finds out that Dawn has yet to go to the clinic. Desperate for a baby, she visits Dawn and begs her not to go through with it – she’ll adopt the baby as it’s her only chance to have Rob’s child.

Darren is mortified when Lauren and Lucy overhear Keith ticking him off about trying to sleep with Li. Lauren teases Darren about his exploits, but Lucy tells her to stop it. Lauren thinks it’s hilarious when she works out that Lucy has a crush on Darren.

Also, Joe returns to Walford and Martin has to tell him about Pauline’s death.