Stacey worries about being a mum

Stacey is worried about breastfeeding her baby because thinks she will have to come off her medication. The midwife assures Stacey she can safely continue to take her medication and breastfeed the baby. Max visits and Stacey confides that she’s scared she’ll let down her little girl. Max tries to reassure Stacey but she doesn’t think she’ll ever be a good enough mother.

Ryan packs up his belongings and tells Janine he’s had enough of her sick games. Janine tries to make out she’s not bothered as Ryan leaves the flat but she breaks down when she’s on her own. Pat tells Janine to do whatever it takes to get Ryan back but she can’t bring herself to put her feelings on the line to beg Ryan not to leave her.

Adam gives Lucy the exam papers that she asked him to get. Minty confronts Adam about seeing him kiss Lucy but Adam flatly denies it. Adam finds Lucy alone and tries it on with Lucy again but she tells him in no uncertain terms that she’ll never go anywhere near him.

Also, Patrick and Liz agree to put their relationship on hold until they can find out where Owen is and tell him.

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