Stacey is determined to make Lily the perfect dress for her dance recital. Interrupted by Martin – who wants to talk to her about her falling out with Jean the day before – Stacey snaps at him to get out. Stressed, Stacey tears up the dress in a fit of anger, leaving her barely any time to finish the dress. At the recital Stacey ends up in an argument with the Mitchells, leaving Lily embarrassed.

Stacey has a reality check, realising that her behaviour is unstable. Deciding to make an appointment with her doctor, Stacey confesses to Martin she doesn’t want Lily to go through what she did as a child. After a conversation with Max and Kush, Stacey wonders if there’s something else going on. Stacey takes a pregnancy test – and it’s positive!

Nancy continues to worry about Lee when he is uncharacteristically snappy with her after she admits she’s turned down Tamwar’s offer to move into the Masoods’. When Lee’s boss turns up at the Vic saying Lee didn’t come into work, Nancy is worried. Nancy finds Lee in the flat in tears, revealing his boss has told him to seek help from a medical officer.

Also, Jane invites Cindy to dinner at the Beales’. It’s not long before Ian has wound up Cindy, who storms out, much to Jane’s disappointment.