Stacey’s baby is on its way!

*Hour-long special*

Ryan is angry when he discovers that Janine upset Stacey by telling her that his kiss was a bet. Ryan finds Stacey at the swings and tries to apologise to her. Stacey is angry and goes into labour as they argue. Ryan calls for an ambulance and by mistake ends up going with Stacey to the hospital.

Stacey grabs Ryan’s hand as the baby is born. Stacey has lost a lot of blood and passes out. The little girl isn’t breathing but she revives. The midwife assumes Ryan is the father and hands him the baby. Stacey comes round and tries to tell Ryan that he’s the father but he tells her to rest. Stacey tells her baby that they don’t need anyone else.

Vanessa introduces herself to Abi and Lauren and they seem to take it in their stride. Max is upset when he discovers that the divorce papers are arrived and he is officially no longer Tanya’s husband. Max drops the girls off at Tanya‘s and he hustles his way in and tells Tanya he still loves her. A cold Tanya tells Max that she’s engaged to Greg.

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