Stacey’s baby is on the way!

Stacey has a visit from the midwife but there’s tension when Martin questions the baby’s due date. With Stacey stressed out, Martin tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on. The conversation descends into an argument, with Martin later trying to get Shabnam to make up with Stacey. There’s shock, however, when Stacey’s waters break!

Vincent is determined not to let Phil get one over on him, coming up with a revenge plan against the Mitchells. Worried about the consequences, those in the know try their best to stop him, but it seems no one can stop Vincent from going ahead with his dangerous plan.

Dennis is upset when Bobby ends up killing his missing tarantula. Furious that Bobby has upset Denny, Sharon storms round to the Beales’. When she confronts Kathy, she gets more than she bargained for after Kathy confesses that Bobby pushed Jane down the stairs…

Also, Mick can’t go through with killing Goosey Lucy for Christmas.