Stacey’s hiding things from Martin

Stacey and Martin head to the hospital for Stacey’s scan. Bumping into Sonia, Martin is concerned to learn that Stacey’s bipolar medication may affect her hormones. When Martin brings it up with Stacey during the scan it causes an argument. After Stacey admits she’s worried about her medication, too, Martin is left fuming to discover she’s already seen the midwife on her own. Storming out, Martin later returns, promising he’ll be there for Stacey whatever she decides. Sonia warns Martin that if he has any doubts at all, he should leave Stacey.

Shabnam is irritated to be stuck with Carmel, who attempts to take over the wedding preparations. When Carmel discovers that Kush’s dad will be at the wedding with his new girlfriend she’s upset, but trying to look on the bright side. Feeling sorry for Carmel, Shabnam suggests to Kush that his dad shouldn’t come to the wedding.

Sharon presses Phil to tell her the truth about ‘K’ and why he went to meet her. When Ronnie arrives she covers for Phil, telling Sharon that he was doing a favour for her. Confronting Phil alone, Ronnie wants to know what he’s up to. After Ronnie warns him that Kathy’s return to the Square would have terrible repercussions, Phil deletes her from his phone.