Kat can’t believe that Alfie has put Stacey’s relationship in jeopardy by letting Luke know all about her past. Having a go at Alfie, Kat is frustrated when Alfie refuses to apologise for what he’s done. When someone hammers on the door, they’re all struck by fear, wondering if it’s the police. It turns out to be Mo, and then Max, who want to see Stacey.

Stacey agrees to talk to Max, while Kat decides to head back to the prison to tell Janine that she’ll do as she asked, lying to get her out of jail. Stacey escapes the Square and drives off just as Kat returns. Kat is horrified, as it’s too late, she has already made her deal with the devil and gone to the police to make a statement.

Panicking about Cindy’s collapse, Liam searches for help, finding Tina and Tosh. After telling them what’s happened, Liam doesn’t hang around, leaving Tina to take care of things. When Sonia sees Tina getting Cindy into a cab and learns that Cindy is pregnant, Sonia, as a teen mum herself, offers her support.

Cindy is checked out and returns to the Square. Faced with a barrage of insults from Ian, Sonia reveals that Cindy is going to be a mum.