Stacey’s terrified about Arthur

In the first of tonight’s episodes, Charlie is in a bad way as the Slaters wait for the ambulance to arrive. When Charlie begs Kat for her forgiveness for the past, an overwhelmed Kat heads outside. Finding a distraught Kat, Sharon encourages Kat to be at Charlie’s side. Kat makes her peace with Charlie before he dies.

Stacey visits Dot, begging her to help keep Arthur safe. Alarmed when Stacey tells Dot that Arthur is the son of God, Dot heads out to find help. Bringing Kush back to the house, Dot discovers that Stacey has tried to ‘baptise’ Arthur herself.

When Stacey learns that Charlie has died she sees it as a bad omen. In her psychotic state she thinks that King Herod is trying to take Arthur from her. Fleeing to the allotments, she finds the letter her dad sent her about his other family and decides she needs to call Kyle. In the Square, Martin and Kush panic when they realise Stacey is missing and head off in search of her….

Also, Phil encourages Alfie to tell Kat the truth about his condition. Meanwhile, Shabnam bonds with Jade.