Stag do – or don’t?

Jimmy heads off on his stag do with carl, Matthew, Paul and Rodney and the King brothers take the lads to a strip club. Carl and Matthew convince Paul into clubbing together to buy Jimmy a private dance. Jimmy is stunned to discover that the stripper’s Lexi! Jimmy has words with an upset Lexi but he promises that he won’t tell Carrie what she’s been up to.

Val visits Billy in prison and can’t wait to pass on the gossip about Diane’s mystery man. When Billy reacts strangely, Val half-jokingly accuses him of being jealous and she’s stunned when his face tells it all. A distraught Val confronts Diane and makes it clear that she knows what’s been going on between her and Billy. Diane confirms Val’s suspicions and a furious Val lobs a bottle of vodka at Diane, narrowly missing her!

Perdy is stunned when Gray announces that he’s thought of the perfect way for them to move on from their recent troubles and he suggests that they forge ahead with plans to have a surrogate baby. Perdy agrees but it’s clear that she’s unsure.

Also, Lisa is worried when Sam insists on moving out.