As Stan’s health continues to deteriorate Shirley, Mick and Tina put their differences aside to be there for Stan. When Tina goes home to rest, Shirley and Mick have a heart-to-heart, admitting they miss each other. Sending Mick home, Shirley finds it difficult to let go of her dad. Shirley is at Stan’s bedside as he peacefully slips away.

Carol and the Brannings are struggling with the shock news about Jim. When Max prioritises his car sales over their dad, Carol is frustrated. Having her own issues with their dad, Carol struggles to grieve. Heading to the prison to break the news to Dot, Sonia returns home with a letter for Carol. Reading Dot’s words that Carol should remember the best of her dad, Carol finally breaks down.

Buster tries to build bridges in the Carter camp. Despite Linda’s apprehension, Buster tries to worm his way into Lee and Nancy’s affections to get the family on side.